Ice-Covered Chevy Silverado Removed From Frozen River

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Think it'll still start?

A Chevrolet Silverado broke through the ice on a frozen river in Alberta, Canada late last month and it took a specialized team to finally get it out a month or so later. Those living in most parts of the United States are not accustomed to this. Canadians, however, don't find this situation all that unusual. Saskatchewan-based Big Ice Services was hired for the removal job which was ultimately successful. Pictures were posted on the company's Facebook page showing the frozen solid aftermath.

"Big Ice Services recovery team was sent up north of Fort McMurray to Fort Chipewyan to recover this partially sunk truck in the fast-moving river. It was a challenging setup with dangerous fast-moving water. But with careful planning and execution it was lifted out without incident."

Big Ice Services/Facebook
Big Ice Services/Facebook

The photos show a massive slab of ice covering the length of the hood running all the way through the roof. Only the truck's bed remains exposed, though it too has an ice chunk on top. Ice is also very heavy, evidenced here by the fact the truck has been crushed by the weight.

The rear quarter body panels are bent and it looks like the frame has also suffered serious damage. Don't even ask about the suspension. And yes, the truck is a total insurance loss. But what we're wondering is whether it'll still start? It's not entirely impossible but unlikely.

Big Ice Services/Facebook
Big Ice Services/Facebook
Big Ice Services/Facebook

Beneath the frozen river's surface lies flowing, icy cold water that surely flooded the engine. Why its owner attempted to cross the frozen river knowing disaster (and potential death) was possible remains unknown. They must have figured it was a risk worth taking at the time. Earlier this month, an Idaho couple found themselves trapped in their truck left dangling on a bridge. Only a chain kept them from plunging into the gorge.

Driving across frozen Canadian rivers such as this in the wintertime is not unusual, but local authorities make the determination when it's safe to do so. Anyway, the guy is lucky he survived, but probably quite unhappy when he received the company's recovery bill. Specialized jobs like this are not cheap.

Hat tip to Andrew.

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