Icebreaker Bentley Continental SuperSports Smokes Goodwood

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After breaking the world record for speed on ice, the Bentley Continental SuperSports travelled to Goodwood. The 12-cylinder beast was driven by rally champ Juha Kankunnen.

Guiness Book of World Record's title holder for the fastest car on ice used all of its 12-cylinder 6.0-liter engine to hit an average of 205.48mph on the 70cm thick Baltic Sea ice off the coast of Finland. The ice racer made the trip to Goodwood this past weekend. The black and red Bentley Continental SuperSports convertible boasts 631hp and showcased it on the Goodwood Hill. The Bentley SuperSports was driven by its record-breaking four-time world rally champ Juha Kankunnen.

"Driving this very special Bentley Continental in front of the packed Goodwood grandstands was a special experience for me," Kankunnen said in a press release. He continued "driving on a frozen sea was a unique challenge and only a few Bentley engineers and my support crew were there to witness the new world record. So it was a pleasure to provide a glimpse of the capabilities of this Bentley to a huge audience of motorsport enthusiasts on a beautiful summer's day."

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