Icona Vulcano is China's Ferrari

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Following its debut in Shanghai, Sino-Italian design house Icona releases promo footage of its new hypercar.

They're calling it the Chinese Ferrari. We can think of some gentlemen in Maranello who might take exception to that, but it's a ringing endorsement for the Icona Vulcano from the show-going public and press in Shanghai where it debuted this past weekend. The supercar from design startup Icona packs a V12 hybrid powertrain with as much as 950 horsepower on tap into a dramatic shape that blends elements from the Lexus LFA, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and Corvette Stingray into one sharp-looking shape.

Now Icona has released this video promo of the Vulcano. It's more style than substance, but that's not about to stop enthusiasts in China and around the world from dropping their jaws to the floor.

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