Iconic Alfa Romeo Alfetta To Return As Electric Hatchback

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The Tonale may soon have a new stablemate with a legendary name.

Speaking with the Italian magazine Quattroruote, Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato has proclaimed that he wants to bring the wedge-tastic Alfetta back to the market, albeit likely without the edginess that characterized the original. If it happens, such a product would be powered purely by electricity and would slot into the compact segment, where the Alfa Romeo Tonale recently launched.

"The C-segment for Alfa Romeo will not just be the Tonale," said Imparato. "What I want to do is an Alfetta," adding that it would have a "very cool" look if it made it to production. That's good news since the GT and GTV versions of days gone by were appreciated as much for their beauty as their dynamics.


The Alfetta name (which translates as "little Alfa" in Italian) was originally applied to the Alfa Romeo Tipo 159 Alfetta F1 car, but it later found a home in a range of production cars. In 1972, Alfa launched the Alfetta sedan, otherwise known as the Berlina, but it's the hatchback GT and GTV versions that left a lasting impression on auto enthusiasts. These were offered with various engines, from a 1.6-liter four-pot to a 3.0-liter V6 and even a 2.6-liter V8. But none of that is in the cards for the modern revival, which is only expected to arrive in the latter half of the decade.

Specific details were not revealed, but the most cost-effective route would likely be to base the Alfetta EV on the same STLA architecture that will underpin 2028's incoming Delta electric hatchback from compatriot Lancia.

Unfortunately for us, a hatchback is typically not a good seller in the US. That said, Alfa has made no bones about its intention to produce models that can be sold worldwide, so there's hope that this could suit our market somehow.

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Imparato is aware that bringing a new electric hatchback to the range may be a challenge, saying that an Alfetta would conform to a "very European formula" and would be an "exception to the product plan." Alfa's product plan for the medium term includes a new model launch every year, and these models have already been decided on. This means confirmation of an Alfetta revival may be a long time coming.

Imparato says Alfa Romeo will decide on its 2028-2030 product plan in September. Potentially, this is when the Alfetta's future may be decided, but even so, the earliest it would arrive would be 2028. Still, we have hope. Imparato has indicated his keenness for the revival of the GTV moniker before, and whether that arrives as a BMW i4-rivaling coupe or an alternative to something like the Volkswagen ID.X, it looks like Alfa will finally have more than just a solitary sedan and a couple of crossovers in its range.

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