Iconic Gumpert Apollo Spotted Ripping The Ring

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It's always good to see the greats in action.

Before the Gumpert part was dropped from the name, and before it crossed over to ApolloN there was the car that made the brand famous - the Gumpert Apollo. The car has it all. Insane supercar looks, and the power and reputation for being a bit of a handful. Videos of the car in action are rare, so when we do come across them we feel it's our duty to share them with you. This latest one was spotted by Supercarsfromeu ripping up the Nurburgring at Nordschleife.

You can clearly see the car is fast, even though it sounds like the revs aren't rising too high, but that doesn't matter. It's a Gumpert Apollo, on track.

The Apollo kicks ass thanks to the use of a tuned 4.1-liter twin-turbocharged Audi V8 engine. There were three engine setups available depending on the model chosen. The Base model car produced 641 horsepower, while stepping up to the Sport model sees the power increase to 690 hp. The daddy of the range is the race-spec Gumpert Apollo and that one was rather monstrous with an awesome 789 hp on tap. They're all fast, very fast. The specs for the Base version see the Apollo with a 0-62 mph dash of 3.1 seconds and top speed of 223.9 mph. A zero to 120 mph dash sees the Apollo get there in a very fast 9.1 seconds.

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