Iconic Porsche 928 From 'Risky Business' Is A Hollywood Star

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"My name is Joel Goodson. I deal in human fulfillment."

If you haven't seen "Risky Business," you should go find it right now. The 1983 coming of age movie starring a young Tom Cruise is probably something no major studio would dare make today. It is, no pun intended, full of risky subject matters. But it still includes the timeless tale of a teenager going for joyrides in his dad's prized and very expensive sports car. That car happened to be a 1979 Porsche 928 and now the actual film car is heading to auction for the first time since 2012.

Barrett-Jackson has the listing for this shark-nosed, bug-eyed coupe that remains a favorite model among Porsche fans, many of whom desire a reborn model that can be achieved by slicing off the rear doors of the Panamera. Often described as a combination of "Animal House" and "The Graduate," "Risky Business" is about a high school senior (Cruise) whose parents leave him home alone in Chicago following a family emergency.

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They think they can trust him because he's a studious kid. He also likes Porsches and, uh, numerous vices. Following the encouragement of his friends (or bad advice), he makes a phone call that leads to a series of misadventures that involve Guido the Killer Pimp, a major house party/lucrative business opportunity, and the 928 ending up in Lake Michigan (a different film model was used for that scene).

Written and directed by Paul Brickman, several 928s were used during filming but this was the so-called "star car" where the actors sat inside and Cruise declared "Porsche, there is no substitute," tagline following a chase scene. This was even the car where Cruise learned to drive a stick shift. Why wasn't a 911 used instead? Because Brickman believed it to be "too mundane;" the 928 was better-suited to Joel's wealthy businessman father.

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At one time considered to be a possible 911 replacement, the 928 was very impressive for its time. It ditched the 911's flat-six, butt-engine design for a more conventional front-engine 4.5-liter V8 with 219 horsepower. This car was repainted gold from its original green for the movie and has remained in climate-controlled private storage for years following an extensive restoration.

It's also been displayed at the Petersen Automotive Museum and at Porsche Cars North America. It was even the subject of its own documentary, "The Quest for the RB928." An estimated value was not provided but it won't be cheap. Non-movie cars are going for about $10K-$40K.

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