Idiot Plows His Challenger Into A Building While Trying To Time Travel

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You can't make this stuff up.

A man in Pensacola, Florida, nearly destroyed an office building with his Dodge Challenger back on Dec 20 because he was trying to time travel. Seriously, that's what the guy behind the wheel told cops when they arrived on the scene. Unfortunately life isn't like the movies, so doing 88 mph doesn't get you back or forward in time. What it does get you is two wrecked offices and one nearly destroyed building. The driver is in the hospital undergoing evaluation and somehow he was only cited for reckless driving.

If crashing your car into a building in an attempt to time travel isn't grounds for an arrest we don't know what is. Hopefully this guy gets the book thrown at him or at least faces a civil suit from the businesses that lost office space.

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