Idiotic Lancia Delta Driver Nearly Causes An Explosion At A Gas Station

Amazingly no one was injured.

Here we have the ingredients for a serious accident: wet roads, a gas station, speed and other vehicles. The driver in the Lancia Delta is driving way too fast for the wet weather conditions and ends up slamming into a Fiat at the gas station. The passengers in the Delta seem to be shaken up, but luckily everyone’s okay. Unfortunately, the Delta and the Fiat are both destroyed, but this accident could’ve been much worse. Thankfully, the Delta driver somehow managed to dodge the gas pump and doesn’t end up causing a fire.

It may be 2015 but the video is shot in 240p, which is annoying, but it's still worth a watch. If there’s a takeaway from this video it’s to drive carefully in inclement weather and to be aware when filling up at a gas station.

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