Idiotic Mercedes Driver Tries To 'Escort' Ambulance Through Traffic

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The sirens and flashing lights mean get the f**k out of the way!

No matter what country in the world you are in, the rule of thumb is to get the hell out of the way when an ambulance is behind you blaring its sirens. One man in Slovakia didn't understand that, though. Boris Zahumensky thought he was doing the ambulance drivers in this video a favor by "escorting" them through traffic. Of course an ambulance can weave its way through traffic a lot better if a Mercedes-Benz roadster isn't driving slowly directly in front of it. The misguided attempt at heroism lasted about two minutes and left the paramedics in the cab bewildered.

Eventually the driver gets a chance to tell the heroic Mercedes-Benz driver off, letting him know that they got his license number plate on film. Zahumensky ended up being arrested, losing his driver's license and weapons license in the process.

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