If Anyone Knows How To Drive On Two Wheels It's This Guy


And he did this stunt with just two days' training!

Anyone who's an avid fan of competitive cycling will probably be well aware of just how good the British athletes have been as of late. The likes of Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome, Jason Kenny and Laura Trott (to name but a few) have done immensely well in recent times. Even the ones who've officially retired from the sport can still demonstrate their handiness on two wheels, as Sir Chris Hoy demonstrates here - albeit not on the velodrome bicycle that you'd most associate the Scotsman with.

Instead of a specially-prepared bike, Sir Chris was instead presented with a far different vehicle to play with: a Nissan Juke. With famed stunt driver Terry Grant providing guidance, the aim was to teach the cycling legend how to keep control of the crossover when it's tilted on one side. Amazingly, the six-time Olympic champ took to the challenge incredibly well.


With just two days of practice he was able to drive the Juke on two wheels faultlessly for 400 meters, and without any stabilizer wheel on offer for protection in case the car toppled over. According to Grant, it usually takes professional stunt drivers two months or so before they're able to do what Sir Chris has achieved in a mere fraction of the time. Further making the feat even more impressive is that the supplied Juke had barely any modifications. Bar the different tire compound, tweaked differential and roll cage, the crossover you see here was otherwise bone stock. Maybe the former track cyclist should consider a career as a stunt driver, now he no longer has any commitments to the velodrome!

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