If Cadillac Wants To Crush BMW's Spirit, Then It Needs To Build This

Could Germany even build something this cool?

On the one hand, we’re thrilled with what Cadillac is doing these days. It finally has that big, rear-wheel-drive BMW 7 Series fighter, the CT6, and those awesome V-Series high-performance models, the ATS-V and CTS-V. But there’s still a model missing from the Cadillac lineup, something bigger, brasher, and something only Cadillac could pull off. That would be large convertible, just like the classic Caddies from the past. All of the hardware is there for a production version of that wicked cool 2011 Ciel Concept; it just needs executive approval.

And we happen to think the world needs a big four-door convertible, preferably one with suicide doors. And our favorite fictional Hollywood super-agent/anger management class dropout Ari Gold would agree. Check out how the Cadillac Ciel brought Ari Gold out of retirement.

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