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If Ford Can Do a Hybrid Fusion, Why Not a Hot SVT Sedan?


It's a fair question, Ford.

It’s fairly simple to turn a hatchback into a performance car, and it’s also not that difficult to do the same for sedans. Come to think of it, just about any car can be given the high-performance treatment. It’s called tuning. But mainstream automakers oftentimes don’t go down this route because it doesn’t present a solid business case. That’s just life. However, when we saw these renderings of a proposed Ford Fusion/Mondeo SVT, we were a bit, shall we say, smitten.

A BMW M3 fighter it isn’t. Not even close. But surely something like this could be an interesting alternative to the Mercedes-Benz CLA or even the Audi A3 sedan. Created by Theophilus Chin, we particularly dig the front spoiler, side sills, and rear diffuser. The blacked-out wheels are also a nice touch. And actually, this isn't the first time we've seen a Fusion SVT rendering, so the idea for it is very much out there. So if Ford can offer a hybrid version of the Fusion, then why can’t it do a Fusion SVT? Ford, are you paying attention here?

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