If Lexus Makes An Electric Truck It Won't Be A Rebadged Toyota

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Lexus's lineup could extend beyond coupes, sedans, SUVs, and minivans.

Like its mainstream counterpart, Lexus has an extensive range of coupes, sedans, SUVs, and even a minivan. However, the luxury automaker has never made a truck, but that doesn't mean it's not open to making one.

Speaking with Australia's Drive, Lexus President Takashi Watanabe said that the brand won't deny its customers a pickup, albeit, there isn't any current discussion about one.

"However, in the future we will be driving (electric vehicle development for the Toyota group) and in so doing we want to be able to offer as many options as possible. If there is a strong need from consumers…for Lexus to release or launch a pick-up…it's a matter of a possibility in the future," Watanabe-san said.

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Watanabe-san's statement referred to Lexus' recent announcement that its role in Toyota's goal of carbon-neutral society is centered around battery EVs. A supposed 500-mile Lexus EV coincides with this announcement, which is expected to be revealed next month at the Japan Mobility Show before its 2026 arrival.

"After all, we are part of Toyota…so Lexus has a different role to play as a brand compared to Toyota and that would be true also for GR," said Watanabe-san.

However, Watanabe-san pointed out that it's Toyota's role to develop pickups. That said, the Lexus truck, if it ever happens, won't be based on a Toyota pickup like the Hilux, Tacoma, or the bigger Tundra. This would be disappointing if you're hoping for a truck version of the Lexus LX.

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Luxury automakers making pickup trucks are quite scant. Only one existing premium marque currently sells one, and that's GMC with the Canyon, Sierra, and Hummer EV. Tesla, considered a luxury automaker, is prepping to sell the Cybertruck but it's yet to reach customers.

Historically, Mercedes-Benz sold the X-Class but it was a commercial catastrophe, so much so that the automaker has already blocked the possibility of a comeback.

That said, if Lexus will ever make an electric luxury truck, it will be competing in a very small market that's proven a failure for poorly executed ICE models and a hard sell for electric-powered ones. At this point, the future of a Lexus pickup is muddy, but we'll see if Tesla's efforts in the Cybertruck can buck the trend.

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