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If Porsche Were Music, This Is What It'd Sound Like

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Stuttgart-born hip-hop producer takes inspiration from his famous neighbor's racing pedigree

The sound of an engine – a racing engine especially – can be music to the ears of an automotive enthusiast or motorsports fan. But what if a race car were actually a musical track?

That's what Duan Wasi set out to discover. The hip-hop producer has come out with a new record called Loop Routines, emblazoned with the image of the legendary Porsche 917 (in Gulf livery of course), and featuring a track entitled Le Mans that's inspired by the marque's endurance racing program in the late 1960s and early '70s (and the Steve McQueen film of the same name).

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Though he doesn't describe himself as a particularly enthusiastic fan of cars or racing, Wasi was born and raised in Stuttgart – the same German city that Porsche calls home. So to produce his latest work, he visited the company's museum, and even recorded audio samples from the 996-generation 911 GT3 RSR racer that he worked into the tracks on his album.

"I'm looking at the essence of the technical object, history, and iconic design, which speaks to me as such," said Wasi. "Initially I was looking for auditory equivalents for concepts such as pressure, shape, dynamism, tempo, or rotation."

Those terms may be as familiar to automotive engineers as they are to music producers, or to the photographer and filmmaker Mathias David who joined Wasi at the museum and put together this accompanying video for his new record.

To what degree the resulting work speaks to the heart of the automotive enthusiast is highly subjective. It's not like the tracks were recorded directly from the engine's exhaust note or something. But whatever the connection, the sound is pretty cool.