If Someone Starts Shooting At You, Just Hide Behind a Brake Rotor

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As it turns out, brake rotors are pretty much bulletproof.

Having a bulletproof car is not a high priority for most car buyers. Obviously, a bulletproof car would make sense for police vehicles and military vehicles. And there are some crazy celebrities that like to feel safe by ordering armored cars. Like Charlie Sheen, who once owned a bulletproof Maybach. While most people will never experience having their car shot, there are still numerous videos on the internet where people find out how strong a car would be versus a bullet. As it turns out, one part of the car would make great bulletproof armor.

YouTuber Demolition Ranch is one of the people who likes to test how certain objects fare against really big bullets. In his latest test, Demolition Ranch fires several bullets at ordinary car brake rotors to find out how strong they really are.

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We know that brake rotors are built to be incredibly tough and last for a long time. Therefore it's not too much of a surprise that their strength helps them stand up well to bullets. Demolition Ranch fires many sizes of bullets at the rotors, but it isn't until he starts using high-powered rifles that bullets actually make it through. To be honest, this test doesn't have a lot of practical application, but it does inform us that if someone starts firing a gun, a good place to hide is behind a brake rotor.

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