If The Incredible Buick Avista Ever Makes Production It'll Probably Be A 4-Door

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Gran coupe all the things!

2016 is barely under way and already we've talked more about Buick in the last two months than we have in the past two years. That's of course due to the amazing Avista concept. The two-door knocked our socks off in Detroit and had us clamoring for a production version. Then came the news that the Avista would probably remain in concept form forever. Now Motor Trend, citing anonymous sources at GM, says that the coupe is getting another look but as a gran coupe, aka a four-door coupe.

The insiders who spoke to Motor Trend believe that the Avista four-door is a "safer bet" than a two-door. Why so? For starters, consumers don't really flock to coupes, at least not in numbers. GM president Dan Ammann acknowledged as much himself last month, saying, "There isn't much of a coupe market anymore." Adding two extra doors would make the concept more practical and appealing to a wider group of people. Even with the extra doors the concept's look wouldn't have to change much, at least not according to exterior designer Chip Thole. Thole said it would be possible to add more doors. Getting the green light for a new sedan is infinitely easier than for a coupe, especially for an automaker like Buick.

The majority of its sales are in China where rear legroom is prized. At home, buyers tend to be much older, and you can bet the majority of them aren't looking for a 400-horsepower two-door. The Avista looks incredible and we'd really hate to see all that hard work thrown away. While we'd love a muscular new coupe we'll be happy with a compact four-door as well. Don't let the dream die, GM.

Source Credits: www.motortrend.com

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