If The Lexus LC 500 Sounds This Good...

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… just imagine how sweet the LC F could sound.

Say what you will about forced-induction engines and their capacity to deliver more with less – there's still a lot to be said for (and heard from) an old-school, naturally aspirated V8. Like the one found in the Lexus LC 500, for example.

Highlighted in this latest (and most enjoyable) promo clip, the LC 500 packs an unadulterated 5.0-liter V8 like few still on the market, kicking out a solid 471 horsepower to the rear wheels. And with its variable exhaust system, it certainly sounds the part – like few turbocharged engines can, with their spools muffling the aural sensation.

Into the eye-catching shape of its futuristic sports coupe, Lexus slotted the engine from the RC F and GS F. You might as well already call the LC 500 the LC F, then. Or more to the point, Lexus might have.

So why didn't it? Because all indications are that there's a more potent version on its way. It's tipped to pack a good 600 horsepower, which would propel it beyond the realm of the new BMW M850i and straight into full-on M8 territory, and surpass the V8 version of the Aston Martin DB11 to take on the twelve-cylinder version.

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Heady territory, that, and we're looking forward to its arrival. But the big question is what will provide its motivation. A more potent version of the same atmospheric V8? A forced induction one? The V10 from the discontinued LFA? Okay, probably not that last one, but we can dream.

More to the point, we wonder what it will sound like. If Toyota's luxury division can resist the urge to go turbocharged, it could sound even better than the LC 500 in this video. Here's hoping, because more of this in the world could only be a good thing.


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