If This Is The Future Of Grand Tourers Then We're Going To Be Alright

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Simply put, this concept looks gorgeous.

A concept car that looks this futuristic usually comes from a lone designer trying to get his/her name out there. That's usually the case, but the Coupe Corbusier concept is actually from Renault, the French automaker. This futuristic concept car is a tribute to Le Corbusier, a Swiss-French architect and artist who died 50 years ago. Renault says its design team worked on this concept in their "recreation moments," so don't think this is a hint at future cars or a new type of design language. It's just harmless designer fun…we think.

Just because the Coupe Corbusier will never be made or influence future designs doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it as a car. For starters its grille is quite impressive and would make Lexus blush. The scissor doors are also damn cool, as is the purple mood lighting in the cabin. We're fans but we do hope Renault's designers get to take breaks and not just sketch out tribute concept cars between doing actual work.

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