If You Drive A Car With A CVT Avoid Doing These 5 Things

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Actually, go ahead and do them. It's a CVT after all.

If you want to know how not to treat your car's transmission, then you need to watch Engineering Explained. So far the automotive YouTuber has told us how to keep our manuals, automatics and dual-clutch setups from unnecessary wear and tear. But what about CVTs? How do you keep cars equipped with the dreaded fun-sucking transmission safe from small bits of damage that build up over time? As it turns out it's not all that hard at all. Basically, just pay attention to the previous advice given out by Engineering Explained.

No one wants to drive a car equipped with a CVT but if you have to then you might as well take care of it. Check out this video to see what will and won't fly in a care equipped with a continuously variable transmission.

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