If You Ever Dreamed Of Being Batman, Now's Your Chance

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You're still going to need to be as rich as Bruce Wayne.

If you are serious about being Batman then you will need to get yourself a Batmobile. Amazingly, the most badass ride the Caped Crusader ever drove is up for sale with a Dubai-based dealer. Priced at just over $1,000,000, the Tumbler wannabe comes with a 5.7-liter V8 borrowed from a Corvette with 500 hp on tap helping it hit 62 mph in less than six seconds and reach a top speed of 155 mph. That should be more than enough to scare off the bad guys.

Propane tanks enable it to shoot flames out the rear. It sits on 18.5-inch Hoosier tires at the front and 44-inch super swamper tires at the back. Other features include LED headlights and multiple cameras dotted around the vehicle to ensure excellent visibility. It's currently for sale at GTR Motors in Dubai, and you can book a test drive first to see how you get on before laying out the seven-figure asking price.

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