If You Fed Steroids To A GLE 63 AMG You'd End Up With This


German tuning company Hamann may have some American DNA in them because they also like things bigger and better.

The Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 AMG already rolls off the showroom floor as one of the biggest and meanest looking SUVs on the market, but car guys are car guys and they will always want to improve on every aspect possible. Hamann, one of the most well-known tuning companies in Germany, like to beef up German saloons and sportscars in both the power and aesthetics categories. Their latest conquest being a bad-ass SUV.

To make the GLE 63 even better, theKassbohrerstrasse-based company added on one of their latest wide-arch bodykitsthat includes a 3-piece wide body front spoiler, front and rearfender extensions and a lower rear apron. To finish off the look there'ssome fat black anodized tailpipe covers. Of course this tuning company isknown for it's very tasty aftermarket wheel offerings too, so for this upgrade it fitted the GLE 63 with a set of massive 23-inch forged wheels, alsoanodized black. The last change to the exterior is a lighter and meaner lookingcarbon fiber hood. The aim was for it to be mean, and mean is what it endedup as.

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It wouldn't be fair to leave the engine out of all of this fun, and so the GLE 63 was shifted to that side of the company. Some ECU tuning on the 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 allows it to now produce an impressive 670 hp, up from the standard output of 585 hp. While they were at it, the speed limiter was shifted up so the massive, mean SUV can top out at a pretty scary 186 mph.