If You Have Trouble Doing Donuts With AWD, Try It In A Lamborghini

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"Just DO ITT!!!" -Shia LaBeouf

If Lamborghini had a tagline for its commercials, it would say something like, "Lamborghini: your heightened insecurities can be quelled with gobs of attention." And then the camera would cut to scenes of an Aventador Roadster tearing up New York or Paris with onlookers craning their necks, their faces twisted with equal parts annoyance and bewilderment. That's because since day one, or maybe since the advent of the Countach, Lamborghini has been the car of choice for wealthy attention seekers.

One reason why is that their typically outlandish shapes do a good job of setting the attention-seeker apart from the rest of the crowd. And just like our innate instincts do a good job of distinguishing between a furry pet and one loaded with venom and ready to strike, our instincts can see the shape of a Lamborghini and know that it's loaded with lethal amounts of horsepower.

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After a few generations and a number of humiliating accidents, Lamborghini learned that its talentless owners (they had day jobs and couldn't spend their lives practicing at a race track) wanted to actually drive their cars from time to time without the fear of God being put in them. Hell, you're supposed to feel like a god behind the wheel, not be at the whim of one. So it wisely put all-wheel drive into its cars, which is somewhat unfavorable for doing donuts. Thankfully the owner of this white Aventador proves that it's far from impossible to pull off those stunts, all while meeting their attention quota for the day.

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