If You Love Fast and Furious You're Gonna Hate These Guys

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Of course there's a lot of unnecessary gear changing.

Let's face it, the Fast and Furious movies are reliably entertaining, but they were never intended to be realistic which makes them ripe for ridicule. Gearheads can't resist tearing them apart for their inaccuracies – if you took the races in the films seriously, you'd think that cars have over 20 gears. After amusing us with their excellent Gymkhana parody, the comedic duo at Car Bros have turned their attentions to the Fast and Furious franchise in their latest spoof video entitled 'The Final Race.'

The video pits a a Ford Mustang against a Subaru WRX STI, and it might just be their best parody yet. In truth, the spoof video pokes fun at just about every clich in the car chase rule book, but the overabundance of gear shifting shots is an obvious dig at Fast and Furious. The joke gets stretched out to the point that the automatic Mustang and even a train have manual gears.

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Like most movie car chase scenes, The Final Race ends in a fiery crash with a conveniently placed ramp, complete with scrappy special effects. They even parody the late Paul Walker's touching tribute at the end of Fast and Furious 7, replacing the driver's face with CGI. Like most videos produced by Car Bros, there are several hidden easter eggs that only hardcore gearheads will appreciate, so it's worth watching several times to try and spot them all.

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