If You Need Another Reason To Purchase A Lamborghini, Here It Is

Like you needed another reason.

While Lamborghini may not be as hairy-chested or insane as it used to be, the exotic automaker is still one of the best at making vehicles that can get an enthusiast’s pulse going. In another interesting turn of events, Lamborghini is inviting individuals to its factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese in what is being referred to as “Lamborghini Esperienza.” The event will offer enthusiasts driving courses, track time, a tour of the factory and a visit to the Lamborghini museum. All of this sounds like a Lamborghini enthusiast's dream.

Seeing the brand’s supercars in various stages will make you yearn for the cars in a whole new way and this looks like a great way for the automaker to reach out to a new type of wealthy customer.

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