If You're Going To Run From The Cops You Might As Well Be In A Humvee

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It's the next best thing to stealing a tank.

Military vehicles rarely get stolen and when they do it's kind of a big deal. When a vet stole a tank from a military base in San Diego it made national news. This isn't quite the same situation. The vehicle in this video is a Humvee, which is a pretty damn good vehicle to try and flee the cops in, all things considered. The Humvee was stolen from Fort Gordon in Aiken, South Carolina, by a 47-year-old vet named Michael Warning. Warning led officers on a chase that surprisingly didn't feature much off-road driving.

It's not every day you see a Humvee being chased down by the cops, which makes this a must-watch. Think of it like real-life "Grand Theft Auto V" minus the violence.

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