Dash Cam

If You're in a Road Rage Fight Don't Do This Mistake

Climbing out of your car window is never a good idea.

The beauty of reviewing an Asian dash cam street fight video is that we have no idea what is being said. But in this case, the video is mute so it really doesn't matter. We don't know what caused this scene but whatever it was, a driver is incensed enough to stop his car in the middle of rush hour and start a fight. After taking a smack, the other driver then does the dumbest thing you could do in that situation. He retaliates by climbing through the car's window.

He takes a bit of a beating, but to the rescue comes a passenger through the same window, followed by a lady companion. Again, alighting through the window. We don't know how this ends, but it's safe to assume no-one is going anywhere fast.

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