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If You're Not Mad At Porsche, You Will Be After Reading This

Looks like turbocharging was the tip of the iceberg.

Dammit Porsche.The dust was just starting to settle and we were getting used to the fact a pair of turbocharges would be coming with our Porsche 911. According to a report by Autocar,Porsche is hard at work on stuffing a hybrid powertrain into the nextgeneration of the 911, which is supposed to come out in 2018. Yeah, yeah, weget it. Porsche has to keep up with the times and this was bound to happen. Butdid the automaker have to release this information while the wound was stillopen?

According to Porsche’s911 product line director ErhaardMössle, turningthe 911 into a hybrid and an electric vehicle will help meet regulations in2020, as well as handle competition from Tesla. "The Volkswagen Groupneeds an answer to Tesla," statedMössle. "The technology available is not far away from meetingour goals for such a car in the terms of range and charging speed.” That’snot good news. However, Porsche is not guaranteeing that a hybrid or electric911 would make it into production. The automaker wants to pick the right time torelease the vehicle in a way that it makes a profit and gains fans. If anyautomaker can make a hybrid or electric sports car fun, it has to be Porsche. Only time will tell what the next 911 will be powered by.

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