If You've Ever Wanted To Drive An ATV On Water This Is The Solution


Not just for Navy Seals anymore.

Amphibious vehicle manufacturer Gibbs is preparing to debut three new versatile vehicles at the upcoming American International Motorcycle Expo. One of the new vehicles is an expansion of the company's Quadski dubbed the "Quadski XL." The new XL relies on the same 140-horsepower BMW engine used in the former model, but has two seats, new roof bars and a rear loading deck. It can hit a top land speed of 50 mph and top speed of 40 mph on water. The Quadski XL can transform from a land vehicle to a water vehicle in a mere 2.5 seconds.

The two other new vehicles released by Gibbs are the Biski and Triski concepts. Although neither concept has been confirmed for production, both are pretty impressive. The Biski is powered by a two cylinder engine and acts as a two-wheel road legal motorcycle on land with a top land speed of 50 mph. The Biski can hit a top speed of 37 mph on water.

The Biski is probably more practical for use on water. After all, a 50 mph motorcycle isn't going anywhere very fast. On the other hand, the new three-wheel road-legal Triski concept has an impressive land speed, for an amphibious vehicle, of 85 mph. The Triski can also hit 40 mph on water and is powered by a 135 hp turbocharged two-cylinder engine.

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