If You've Missed Watching 'Top Gear' We Have Good News For You


Finally, a "Top Gear" story not about Chris Evans.

The last episode of the US version of "Top Gear" aired in October of 2014. With such a long hiatus, fans speculated that the History Channel had canceled the show. Now host Rutledge Wood has confirmed on Twitter that the show is returning. In his post, Wood says that he has "never been more excited for a road trip than what we saw & did in Cuba" and that he "can't wait for it to air!" Fellow host Adam Ferrara also confirmed on Twitter that he "just got back" and that "Cuba was great!" No air date was given but fans can hope for a 2016 release.

Cuba is well-known for having a very unique car culture. The roads are littered with old American cars from the 1950s. These cars were the only transportation that were available after Fidel Castro created import restrictions that prevented Cubans from importing foreign cars in 1959. Few shows have delved into Cuba's unique car culture, so this new episode of "Top Gear USA" should be quite fascinating.

Source Credits: twitter.com

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