If You Want The Porsche 911 GT3 RS Now, It's Going To Cost Big Money

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Some say that it's still a bargain.

Porsche 918 owners were the first to be offered the 911 GT3 RS, while the lucky few who made the cut for the rest of this year's production run will be waiting until as long as the middle of next year to collect their range-topping 911. But what if you want one now? Well, instead of the $175,900 Porsche is asking for the RS, you will have to pay over $450,000. That's how much one Porsche showroom is quoting for a "used" model. Dick Lovett's Swindon Porsche Center in the UK is asking a whopping £295,000 for a 911 GT3 RS with just 141 miles on the clock.

That's a 225% mark up, but the dealership claims that the price is justified given the rumors "that even RS build slots are selling for £100,000 over list price." However, "unlike them, this is a car you can actually drive away today." He has a point, and there's no way even a 911 GT3 RS at this price will lose its value. Don't be surprised if someone snaps this up by the end of the week.

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