If You Want To Buy A Koenigsegg Be Prepared To Wait A Few Years

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Excellence takes a long time to produce apparently.

So it turns out that waitlist for a boutique, handmade hypercar is really, really long. Who knew? Currently, the waiting time from ordering a Koenigsegg to actually receiving the supercar is about 2.5 years, according to a tweet posted on the official Koenigsegg Twitter page. Considering the rarity and exclusivity that comes with each model, most owners are more than happy to wait as long as it takes in order to receive their car. Even so, founder Christian Von Koenigsegg wants to reduce that wait time.

At its current production pace, the Swedish supercar manufacturer produces an average of one car per month. Since each car is put together by hand, it can take anywhere from six to seven months for a finished car to roll off the production line. The slow pace of production ensures that each car is able to be meticulously crafted by hand before being delivered to its lucky owner. It also means that the brand remains extremely rare. In fact, less than 150 Koenigseggs exist around the world, making a recent owners meeting held in Denmark and Sweden a rare and special event. And with new models like the Regera in the pipeline, it seems a good time to ramp up production capacity.

Even if Koenigsegg doubled production they would only be producing a maximum of 20 to 25 cars per year, this according to another tweet. In a sense, the company is trying to find the perfect balance of production while at the same time maintaining the exclusivity that comes with owning a multi-million dollar hypercar. Given the company's history, however, we bet they can figure out the magic formula.


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