If You Were A Billionaire, Wouldn't You Buy The Nurburgring?

Well, now one billionaire owns 99% of it.

Back in 2014, the Nurburgring faced huge financial problems and was purchased by Russian billionaire Viktor Kharitonin, who owned an 80% stake in the legendary German track. Now the Russian billionaire has decided to purchase another 19% for $43 million, according to Forbes Russia. The total cost of purchasing 99% of the Green Hell is estimated at around $87 million. The last 1% is owned by a small garage called GetSpeed GmbH. Now that ownership of the track has been settled, talks will be held with Bernie Ecclestone to hold the F1 Gran Prix at the 'Ring.

This year's German Gran Prix is already scheduled to be held in Hockenheim, so these talks will target next year's race. Another benefit of this new ownership is that the imposed speed limits will be lifted. This means that manufacturers like Koenigsegg can go after lap records once again.

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