If You Were a Cop, What'd Be Your Cop Car?

"All right meow. Hand over your license and registration."

Serving as a law enforcement officer is an honorable profession. Just don’t become a crooked cop (those dirty scumbags). For those who uphold the high standards of the job, it’s vital to have the proper cop car. Bike cops are fine and all, and mall cops are a bit of a joke. Foot patrol is also good for exercise, but the most fun an officer of the law can have, when not at target practice, is a fast car. Fortunately, there are many solid choices today. Some are all-wheel-drive, others are rear-wheel-drive.

But all are powerful and look pretty bad ass. Ford’s Interceptor actually makes the Taurus look cool. The Dodge Charger comes with a Hemi. And the Chevrolet Caprice is really a Holden Commodore underneath. All three are insanely cool. Or perhaps you want a truck or SUV, such as the Explorer Interceptor or the Chevy Silverado 1500? So if you were a cop, or if you already are, what’s your preferred cop car?

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