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Igniting Fireworks Packed Into A Car Is A New Year's Blast

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Yeah, this is going to end well.

Welcome to 2019. It's time to celebrate the New Year, right? Of course, and the best way to do that is with fireworks. Professional grade fireworks. Packed into a car.

The same Finnish lunatics who crushed various objects with a hydraulic press are back with another equally nuts experiment. Well, it's not so much an experiment. It's more of a demonstration by a bunch of pyromaniacs. An old Volkswagen station wagon was sacrificed for this video and its total destruction began when several professional grade fireworks were loaded inside.

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Our hosts even cut a hole in the roof before lighting the fuse because they wanted the explosion to look as awesome as possible. It took barely 20 seconds for the sacrificial VW's interior to light up once the fuse was lit. And just to be sure this wagon would be completely annihilated, they placed a so-called "Finnish firecracker", aka dynamite wrapped in duct tape, under the car. Think of it as a grand finale to an already wonderfully crazy display. After the dust settles, there's nothing recognizable left. Aside from the tires, maybe.

While there were doubtless more constructive ways to see in the new year, we applaud these crazy Fins for their efforts. It's not every day you get to see a car annihilated by fireworks, so check out the mayhem as you look forward to another scorching new year!