Illegal Albanian Street Race Sees M5-powerd BMW M3 vs.Superbike

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That's probably the best headline you're going to read all day.

If you're thinking of doing a cheeky illegal street race then Albania appears to be a decent location. That's where this awesome action comes from, courtesy of Speedhunters. Even though the speed limit in the Eastern European country is just 68 mph, that didn't stop these couple of jokers from hitting speeds of over 200 mph on a public stretch of road. The four-wheeled fighter was an E36 BMW M3, powered by a M5 V10 engine tuned to 800 horsepower and packing a canister full of Nitrous Oxide.

The two-wheeler is a Kawasaki ZX10R superbike that was pushed to 180 mph. The first video gives you all the action from the POV of the M3 driver.

In the second video, you can experience a snapshot of the action caught on camera by some maniac standing on the road.

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