Illegal Tesla Accessory Is Still For Sale On Amazon

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Shame on you!

It's 2021 and people still do not understand that Tesla's self-driving mode doesn't mean that you can take a nap, fight with your girlfriend, or watch Shrek 7 while driving. Tesla has been in a ton of hot water recently as the NHTSA investigates a number of serious accidents involving certain models fitted with the semi-autonomous driving technology. And an incident involving a Tesla Model 3 has once again raised eyebrows as the company continues to battle with authorities around the implementation and naming of its self-driving technology. In the midst of all this controversy, Amazon continues to sell versions of the hazardous Autopilot Buddy, a product designed to fool Tesla's safety systems into thinking that there's a conscious driver behind the wheel of the car.

Autopilot Buddy/YouTube
Autopilot Buddy/YouTube
Autopilot Buddy/YouTube

The Autopilot Buddy was made illegal back in 2018 after the NHTSA issued a cease and desist order for the company manufacturing the product at the time. But this has seemingly fallen on deaf ears, and the worst part is that it's selling for cheaper than ever before. The Autopilot Buddy is simply a weighted device that is placed on the steering wheel of the car to mimic the weight of a driver's hand. The device clips to either side of the steering wheel using a set of magnets, and fools the car's Autopilot system into thinking that an actual human being who cares for their own wellbeing and that of other road users is behind the wheel.

2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Forward Vision Tesla
2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Rear Angle View Tesla
2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Forward View Tesla
2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Taillights Tesla

Tesla's website used to brag about its car's self-driving ability, but the company has since removed all references to complete autonomy. The current Autopilot package costs $10,000 but isn't rated at Level 4 autonomous driving. Unlike Tesla, Cadillac's Super Cruise allows for hands-off driving, but uses a camera and steering wheel sensors to keep the driver in check. According to The Wall Street Journal, Tesla is looking into implementing similar systems to further improve the safety of its Autopilot system. The original Autopilot Buddy can be purchased outside of the US for $280, but you can find knock-off versions for as low as $87.

2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Dashboard Tesla
2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Cup Holder Tesla
2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Front Seats Tesla
2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Back Seats Tesla
Source Credits: The Wall Street Journal

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2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Taillights
2017-2021 Tesla Model 3 Rear Angle View

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