Illegally Hitting the Open Road with a 1,000 CC Hayabusa GSXR Go Kart

Cops probably won't be able to catch you until you're lying dead in a ditch.

Most F1 drivers got their start in pro karting circuits, so their is little question as to how fun and fast good piece of kit can go. Unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) most modded karts with powerful motorcycle engines are not legal on US public roads. Often as not, that does not stop buyers from taking them out to stretch their legs. Such as the case in this upcoming video, where the owner of this 3 wheeler prototype based on a GSX 1100F takes his kart out to some back roads for a few passes and burnouts.

It's not too long that we see him taking the same kart out on some curvy public roads busy with traffic. Although it looks like an absolute dream to take this kart out on those roads, this dude better be careful not to get spotted by cops or to get killed for that matter.

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