Images Of 2018 Jeep Wrangler Have Leaked And We're Already In Love

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If this truly is the upcoming Wrangler, then Jeep has struck the perfect balance between retro and modern for 2018.

Jeep, like Mercedes and until recently, Land Rover, has a bit of an affinity with holding onto a model as a relic from the past while offering buyers newer bedazzled modern versions that bring the style that's currently in vogue to the parking lot. The G-Wagon, Defender, and Wrangler have been the dinosaur SUVs for Mercedes, Land Rover, and Jeep respectively and the former two have either been phased out or are on their way out to make room for replacements.

We don't have many clues as to what the new G-Class or Defender will look like, but thanks to a leak posted onto Jeep Wrangler Forums, we may have our first glimpse of the new 2018 Jeep that will replace the current version as our favorite American off-roader. While the legitimacy of the two black and white images has yet to be determined, the forum's admins believe them to be accurate based on verification by its sources. To the discerning eye, the grainy pictures do seem to depict the incremental changes we can expect to see on Jeep's newest Wrangler. The first picture shows the familiar Jeep face we've become accustomed to although with the top of its grille sloped back a bit.

It's also easy to spot new side vents behind the wheels on the front quarter panels. These are in place to help improve aerodynamics, but we love how it adds a sporting element to what's otherwise an off-roading champion. Speaking of which, JWF proclaims that these images depict the range-topping Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, so plenty of toys will come standard. Included are fog lights that have migrated from the middle of the bumper to the edges while the front bumper itself is wider than on the outgoing model. The second image confirms what we've all wanted to know, that the Wrangler will keep its removable roof and doors, securing occupants with a fixed cage in case of a roll over.


More subtle design differences include a flatter hood to differentiate the new Wrangler from the sloped hood line of the old version as well as a lower belt line, leaving more room for larger greenhouse windows. If these leaks hold any truth, then we're glad to see that Jeep has found the happy medium for the new model, upgrading it just enough to make it much more appealing than the outgoing Wrangler but not so much that it loses its identity. Truck owners be aware, these enticing changes will likely make it to the upcoming Wrangler pickup truck and in no way does this seem to be a bad thing.


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