Imagine If Every Automaker In the World Had Its Own Supercar


This UK company just showed us what that would look like.

Creating a supercar isn't exactly cheap, and there isn't a huge market for impractical six-figure two-seaters. That is why most automakers do not offer a supercar in their lineup. But what if they did? Besides the occasional concept car, rendering artists have become the best way to envision what a supercar would look like from just about any car company. A UK company called Jennings Motor Group, which specializes in car parts and accessories, just took a crack at rendering 10 everyday cars as supercars and the results are very interesting.

We thought we'd go through each of the 10 supercar renderings that Jennings did and offer our opinions on how good (or bad) it could be in real life. We wanted to start off with the Volkswagen, which could in theory build such a car. The VW group does own Lamborghini and Bugatti, and has even taken a small step into the supercar game with the W12 Concept. We'd love to see a mid-engined VW with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and the Arteon's stunning grill, but we doubt that the company would want to steal sales away from its other brands. The next car that caught our eye was the Mini supercar. Mini gave a two-seat car a chance with the Coupe, but it was an unsuccessful model.

The Renault supercar seems very nice, but ultimately looks a lot like the mid-engine Alpine. We appreciated the way the Kia supercar took the front design of the Stinger, and turned it into an even sportier look. The Fiat rendering looked intriguing with the headlights from a 124 Spider, but we doubt that the company could ever cannibalize Ferrari or Alfa Romeo sales. We spent a lot of time looking at the Honda supercar, because it looked almost exactly like the new NSX, only a littler better to our eyes. The Toyota looked cool, while the Smart looked a bit awkward and the Lada model made us giggle at the sheer thought of such a car.

The Tesla may be the most interesting car, because there is a lot of speculation on what the new Tesla Roadster will look like. We'd be really happy with this design and a killer electric motor.

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