Impatient Morgan Driver Causes Crash At A Car Meet

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It isn't just Mustangs that crash at car meets.

Morgans aren't typically associated with reckless drivers, but you wouldn't think that after watching this crash captured on video. Taken from a UK car meet, the impatient driver of this Morgan 4/4 blasts through an intersection without accounting for cross traffic, and the inevitable happens. An oncoming Peugeot 206 slams hard on the brakes and blasts the horn, but is unable to stop in time, slamming into the back of the wooden-framed sports car at speed. Still, it's refreshing to see an accident at a car meet that doesn't involve a Mustang.

The force of the impact during the hefty crash sends the hatchback onto two wheels, nearly tipping it over. Being a convertible, it's also fortunate that the Peugeot didn't intrude the cabin of the Morgan and injure the driver. Luckily, no one was hurt in the accident according to the video description.

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The video description goes on to describe how the Morgan was trying to accelerate up a hill while the Peugeot was driving down a hill, "so the momentum was on neither of their sides." As for who was to blame, the Morgan driver was clearly at fault – he either didn't look when pulling out of the intersection or severely misjudged the speed of the approaching Peugeot. You could argue that there was enough room for the Peugeot to take avoiding action and swerve out of the way, though.

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