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British tuners Imperium have released their one-off take on the Bentley Continental GT.

British Tuners Imperium recently received a Bentley Continental GT from a wealthy client and immediately set to work building a bespoke Bentley ideal for the ritzy businessman. The Imperium design team drew up a few sketches and with feedback from their client, they began work cutting weight and putting on some fresh new features. The Brit's used ultra-light carbon fiber to save some of that weight and in turn improve basic performance. The carbon was engineered to create a more aerodynamic frame.


Bespoke side skirts give the GT a lower profile and low-riding feel while a bespoke front bumper includes front air intakes for a more aggressive look. The rear is held up with a new lip spoiler and a bumper carbon diffuser to give that aggressive look a finish and keep the vehicle stable when traveling at higher speeds. An ECU upgrade along with a lowered sports suspension gives the Bentley some performance to match the exterior. The exterior is finished in a deep, dark red while the one-off ultra-light fully forged alloy wheels are totally blacked out for a sporty look. The interior is fitted with new bespoke leather, carbon fiber and a wood trim.

No pricing is available, as each of Imperium's projects are completely unique and catered towards a customer's preferences.

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