Improving Skills, Ferrari's Telemetry System Might Save Owners' Cars


Mimicking Corvette’s Performance Data Recorder, Telemetry will offer real-time feedback on and off track.

We recently told you about Chevy’s Performance Data Recorder(PDR), which will come as standard on the 2015 Corvette Stingray. Now, Ferrari is comingout with a similar system, called Telemetry. The program, available as anoption on the F12 Berlinetta, 458 Speciale and LaFerrari, will offer ownersongoing feedback to drivers regarding performance in various areas.

For starters, the high resolution camera will provide videosof driving techniques and routes. Linked to its own Telemetry App, drivers willlearn more about their cars' performance and their own driving abilities,allowing them to improve their results over time. Ferrari says this technologywill give owners the same level of data that F1 drivers get in training andafter races. With all the recent embarrassing - and often dangerous -super-car crashes we've been hearing about, additional training for Ferrari driversmight be an excellent idea.

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Check out Ferrari’s video describing the Telemetry technologyand its benefits.