IMSCC Brings Imported Metal Together in the Pacific Northwest


Seattle can still put together the kind of import event you might have worried wasn't happening anymore.

Even though it only started in 2013, the IMSCC (Import Meet Street Car Competition) already hosts some serious competition between import tuner cars. The Seattle-based event draws from all over the Pacific Northwest, where the cars compete in a variety of different categories. Points are given out based on things like appearance and built quality, as well as more serious competition, like drag times and autocross.

Even things like ride quality and fuel economy are worth points, but in the end, as you might expect, it is the fastest cars which have the biggest advantage. And the fastest car of IMSCC 2013 proved to be an R34 Skyline, which narrowly beat out an R35 GT-R on the drag strip, with both cars finishing in the 10s. With the discontinuation of such imported tuner classics as the Supra and the RX-7, as well as the inevitable decline in interest as the novelty of The Fast and The Furious wore off, these kinds of events have become less common in recent years, so it's good to see that IMSCC is keeping it going.

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