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In Case You Needed More Reasons to Hate the Scion XB, Here They Are

For starters, it's a box on wheels.

The Scion brand was supposed to be all about youth. Toyota figured they cracked the youth code with Scion by offering somewhat offbeat, even quirky, small cars that were affordable. What’s more, they were meant to be customized by their owners with stereo systems and speakers, along with various other borderline useless add-ons. And, low and behold, it worked – for a short time. Ever since the second-gen XB hit the market in 2007, sales and overall appeal have gone down.

In fact, adults 60 and over like to buy them because that boxy design is easy to get in and out of. Seriously. The Scion xB. Meant for youths but often bought by aging Baby Boomers. Thank Regular Car Reviews for reminding us why we don't like this car.

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