In Case You Were Wondering, The BMW M4 GTS Can Hoon Its Tires To Smithereens


Why else buy a $161,000 M4?

Whoever coined the phrase "the best things in life are free" was obviously speaking at a time before the BMW M4 GTS was out on the race track ripping apart its tires. That's because the $161,972 base price of the GTS makes it the most expensive BMW that money can buy. It's also the most extreme, with an M4 engine that recruits a water injection system to help it make some noise while belching out 500 horsepower through the M4's rear wheels.

In this case, Top Gear's Italian magazine decided to borrow one of the 700 GTS M4s that will ever roam the Earth for a very sideways photo shoot that we are able to enjoy thanks to one rogue cameraman. By the looks of the tire marks on the tracks, the shoot was a success.

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