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In China, All Mazda6 Generations are "Brand-New"

Joint-venture plant still manufacturers all three generations for the local market.

As we all know, manymanufacturers continue to build discontinued or replaced models in certainmarkets, selling cars that we would consider to be vintage, or even antique, asbrand-new. But Mazda’s joint-venture partner in China, FAW, has really takenthis trend to the limit. The company now builds all three generations of theMazda6, from the early-2000s model to the latest-generation introduced last year,and all are sold in local Mazda dealerships as brand-new cars.

The current-generation, which we know simply as the 2014Mazda6, is called the Mazda Atenza in Chinese showrooms. The outgoinggeneration is sold as the Mazda6 Ruiyi, while the decade-old original modelgoes by its original name, the Mazda6. For style-conscious buyers such as ourselves,this would be an inconceivable idea. But for Chinese buyers, this offers theopportunity to get into a brand-new, and still quite refined, car for a marginof the price. Could this trend ever catch on America?

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