In Desperate Need of New Product: Dodge

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Every few years or so, Chrysler manages to get itself into a crisis. Just when everyone thinks the automaker is about to be permanently shut down, a savior - whether an individual or new product - comes through the door. In the past, those individuals have included Lee Iacocca and Bob Lutz and those products have been the minivan and LH cars.

And until recently, Chrysler really found itself in a big mess facing not only bankruptcy, but also having a weak product lineup. It was a sad way to end an automaker with so much history. But wait - it's not over (again). Chrysler has been bailed out with the help of the US government (using taxpayer money) and Fiat buying a controlling stake. That all said, Dodge, the bread and butter brand, needs something big. Don't count on the current Caravan, which resembles the box it once was in 1984.

Enter the new Dodge Charger. While it should resemble the current model, it goes a step further than the traditional face-lift. The design is more of an evolution, instead of a revolution and shows a softer and sleeker appearance. The interior - always a Chrysler shortcoming - promises to be significantly upgraded with the use of soft-touch plastics throughout. Convinced this could be the saving grace of the decade for Chrysler? We'll know soon enough.

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