In Honor Of International Women's Day, Here Are Our Favorite Female Gearheads


You don't need testosterone to love cars.

Cars are a uniting force among people all around the world. The only problem with the automotive community is that finding female gearheads is as hard as finding non-white actors at the Oscars. Whether or not this sad fact is a result of societal reinforcement of gender roles or if it really is a difference in genetic makeup, there are some badass girls in the car world who can probably beat what you call a lap time. In honor of international women's day, let us introduce you to some of these female gearheads.

Amber Heard was the beauty in "The Rum Diary" and "Pineapple Express" (booze and drug movies, how can you not love her already?), but she's more than just good looks. This woman has a set of gears under that blonde hair and gasoline running through her veins. Heard is a Southern girl who was raised on American muscle and quarter-mile races, so its not surprising that she owns a 1968 Mustang, which she bragged about to Jeremy Clarkson when she was Top Gear's star in a reasonably priced car. As a classic car lover, she also has a 1967 Mercedes 250SL. She may or may not be packing heat when she's out on the road. Heard is an avid gun enthusiast and owns a .357 magnum.

Sabine Schmitz comes from a trio of sisters who love all things that go fast. As kids, Schmitz and her sisters would take turns doing laps around the Nurburgring in the family car for sport. Schmitz soon got good, really good in fact because she won the 24 Hours Nurburgring twice. She quickly earned the nickname "The Queen of the Ring," and for a good reason. Schmitz estimates that she's circled the 12.9-mile racetrack over 30,000 times. Schmitz is set to be the first female host of "Top Gear," joining Chris Evans and his expanded posse of presenters.

You cant turn anywhere in this modern world without hearing about the Kardashians, so here is your dose for today. Caitlyn Jenner may not be a racing driver but she has been known to mess around with high-end cars. Among the cars in her collection are a race-ready Porsche GT3 RS, a Rolls-Royce Ghost, and a Mercedes S-Class. It wouldn't be far-fetched to believe that she'd buy more if she couldn't just borrow a Mercedes G-Wagon, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari, or an army of Range Rovers from her TV star family members. Lump that together with experience racing in the Baja 1,000 using an 850-horsepower truck and you've got yourself a gearhead who crosses gender lines.

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