In Russia Just Use A Tank Instead Of Slopes For Snowboarding

Well, that’s one way to do it.

More funon a snowboard just couldn’t be possible. This man dons his sunglasses, a veryfunny-looking Russian hat with gigantic earflaps, a tie and jacket and he isthen equipped for some quasi-snowboarding/water skiing. But instead of slopes it’scity streets covered in snow and instead of a boat, it’s a tank. Your laughswhile watching this will quickly turn into tears when you realize that it isn’tyou on that snowboard. All you’ll want to do is tool around in a Soviet BMP-1Infantry Fighting Vehicle from the USSR era.

Dragging a snowboarder, or better yet become that very snowboarding madman who’s getting tossed into trees and is holding onto the cord for dear life makes it even better. Even more interesting is when there are four guys at once holding onto cords being dragged by the tank. One of them even attempts it on skis, and doesn’t do a bad job either.

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