Road Rage

In Soviet Russia Drivers Jack the Jackers

If you ever wondered when it's applicable to body slam someone in real life, refuting a drunk hitch hiker is as good as any.

For starters we should mention that the foolish apparent drunkard in this video is far from being a car jacker, yet he does waddle into the middle of a street, stop a car with two hands on the hood and then attempt to get in via the passenger side door. This gives us an opportunity to offer him a new title - the hitchjacker - and apparently in Mother Russia hitchjackers don't go over too well with the car driving public.

In fact, the driver of this vehicle was so verklempt that instead of simply pushing him off to the side of the road, he actually went to the trouble of body slamming him over a fence. Because in Soviet Russia, drivers dust off dated wrestling moves on hitchjackers.

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